What happens with a 3rd Party sim card?

The rate for the Particle sim card is high, considering it charges for the first MB but I only need to use around 100-200kb a month. Instead, other providers sell sim cards in which they charge per kb you use (saving me a couple dozen $$$ annually). In this case, what would happen if I use one of their sim cards for my Particle Electron? Will it work? If so, will the data be sent to the Particle or the 3rd party console?

Had you searched for “3rd party SIM”, you would’ve known the answer already…
Yes, it works.
Data will be sent to wherever you chose, if you’re using the default Particle calls (publish/subscribe/etc), it’ll go to Particle. If you use HTTP, or some other protocol, you’re in charge. SIM management will obviously go through whichever provider you’re using.

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