SIM Card ELectrono

Hi! I am new to the forum, I wanted to see if it is possible to use another sim card, from a local company in Argentina and not the one that comes with the board

Which device are you planning to use? Particle has a few different cellular devices, some of which can use 3rd party SIMs.

What devices use third-party sims? I was thinking of using the Electron 3G. I work in a development company, and the idea is to implement an IoT device with a cellular network

The Electron 2G/3G (ELC314) will work in Argentina with a 3rd-party SIM. However:

The ELC314TY is only available in trays of 50. You cannot purchase it in individual units.

The Boron 2G/3G (BRN314) can also use a 3rd-party SIM and is available in single unit quantities and trays.

Once you exceed the limits of the free plan (100 devices), the pricing per device for the growth plan is the same whether you use the Particle SIM or not. There is no reduction of price for using a 3rd-party SIM card.

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Could you tell me the link to buy Boron 2G / 3G board which can also use 3rd-party SIM?

Be aware though that 3G is quickly being shut down across Europe. Germany just shut off all towers at the end of June.

Also, with the new pricing model you will be charged the same rate for a cellular block regardless of wether you use a Particle SIM/data or not. If you can function below the data limits, a B524 is the better future-proof version.

What other plate suits me better then?
Because the idea is to design a product to sell that works outside of the Particle platform.
I was able to work with E Series 2G / 3G and to get a number, I had to register it from Twillio, and the idea is to use the local network to use a local number

If you are using the Particle platform for OTAs etc. You will have to pay for cellular blocks, so Particle devices might not be the ideal platform.

The modem won’t allow you to use a local number and take a call for example. It’s not possible with DeviceOS.

What is your use-case?

The idea is to use the board for an IoT project.
The board receives data through the UART serial port and will send and receive it to an MQTT broker, taking into account that there is no Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.
I would also use it to do software updates (OTA) of equipment outside of the Particle board and of the same as well.
It is a product that could be sold in Europe, America and Asia.

If you need OTA and you exceed 100 devices; you will still need to pay for Cellular blocks (and you will lose out on the data that is included)

The EtherSIM would be the ideal choice here as all those countries are covered.
In Europe and Asia the B524 is the recommended SKU moving forward as 3G will be turned off soon.

What specifically would the product be? Because on the page I see the SKU: B524MEA that is only available for Europe.
To begin with the project, the purchase will be for Argentina (South America)

There are no SKUs at the moment that will work in Argentina - South America uses different cellular Bands and there are no good modems available to service this area at the moment.

I understand the BRN314KIT board, due to its characteristics, that it has the B2 (1900), B5 (850) bands that are used here, right?

In theory; yes, it should work if the bands are supported. We can’t offer any support if you run into connectivity issues though.

A drawback would be the double cost of the Particle Cellular blocks and the local SIM cards.
Be aware that DeviceOS can’t send/received SMSes/calls etc.