Can't Add Another Xenon

I have a network setup currently with 1 Argon, and 1 Xenon. Working great!

Trying to add another Xenon, but… It just hangs at Requesting permission for New Xenon stage.

The device I’m using as the helper is the Xenon currently connected to the mesh. I can’t easily get to the Argon anymore (already installed) and aside from that it apparently lost the QR code sticker at some point???

I’ve tried adding multiple Xenons just to see if it was a device specific issue, but each time it hung at the same spot.

I searched through the forums looking for similar issues, and found some, but they all seem to just peter out, with no fix mentioned.

Anyone have any idea what’s happening?
Does the app have any kind of log file I can check?

@screamingcities I am experiencing the same issue. I have a ticket to support and am hoping for a resolution. If I find one, I will let you know

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@screamingcities, do you have DeviceOS 0.9.0 on all your devices?

@screamingcities, @jackpot, this issue of not being able to add a new mesh device via an existing mesh node (in this case a Xenon) was flagged in 0.8.0-rc.27 but has not been addressed as of yet.

Definitely on the Argon and Xenon in the current mesh- as for the new one… I don’t know- does the software update that happens earlier update it to the latest?

all of them are 0.9.0. When you try to add them with the app, it updates to 0.9.0 before you can begin at least iOS, cant speak for android. I am trying to add another XENON to a mesh that has 2 XENONs and 1 BORON. I get to the second to the last step and it stalls. The last one I added made it to the final step, dropped the bluetooth “unexpectedly” yet it was connected. Even showed up in my dashboard as “no name” .


Not sure if this will but CLI 1.40.0 does now support some mesh commands.
You can try particle mesh add <deviceIdOfNewXenon> <nameOfGateway>

These commands are in Beta state currently, so they may or may not (especially on Windows) work for you.
For me as Win10 user they didn’t :pensive:

See here too

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@ScruffR not sure what kind of error messages you were seeing windows 10 but I got HTTP error 401 from - The access token provided is invalid.
Thank you

Just to make sure, have you done particle login before?

I’m not sure I understand the question? Anyway, yes I am logged in via CLI with my credentials. I have made slight progress as I navigate through this but now I have an error
Unable to open USB device: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND

I have followed along with this post in an attempt to resolve this latest issue without success. I am including a screen shot from DevMgr with the Xenon in DFU mode.
Thank you for your continued support

I get a libusb error when I try :frowning:

Universal Serial Bus device is not the correct category.
You should have a libusbK category with the device listed there
Like this

To get the drivers installed you can download zadig and add the driver that way.

But there are still some quirks with the Particle driver pack they are currently trying to address. So if the above doesn’t work, you may need to stay tuned for the new drivers.

ok, i guess ill stay tuned. I have had issues with zadig in the past and I do not care to use it. BTW, Universal Serial Bus is the only place it showed up. I am sure you understood that and is why you suggested installing the libusbK with zadig. Just wanted to be complete in my explanation.

Thanks very much

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@jackpot There are definitely issues with CLI 1.40.0 on Windows (I am running Win10). The only way I know of to get the mesh and usb commands to work is to use Zadig, so I guess you’ll need to wait for the fixed CLI. The developer is working full-time on that.

BTW when the device is not in DFU mode, it will be listed under USB devices. With an Argon plugged in, I have “Argon CDC Mode” and “Argon Control Interface” listed there.

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I used zadig before and it ended up wiping out my mouse. Probably something I did but now I am avoiding it. Ill try DFU just to see where it lands anyway.
Thank you

I have to admit that Zadig and its goings-on are a bit of a mystery to me too. :wink:

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I am having an issue to set up the module as the new xenon is not getting installed and it is also affecting my iTunes account and giving me iTunes error 9

What computer and OS are you running?

Also, are you using a Particle USB cable, or something else?

Please give us more details about any error messages you see (other than the iTunes one).

BTW @tommyshelby it would be better to start a new thread on your issue :grinning: BTW #2 – welcome to the forums!

maybe its treating the xenon as a new network device and the iTunes error 9 is saying that iTunes cannot reach the internet.