Failed Xenon Mesh Setup

I recently received a Xenon, and I created a mesh network with an Argon as the host. Setting up the Argon went perfectly, however, the Xenon is still not connecting.

To set it up, I am using the Android app on my Note 9. I go through the normal setup, click the blue +, select xenon, put it in pairing mode (blinking blue), it pairs with my phone. Then I go to my argon, put it in pairing mode, scan the sticker, and my phone pairs. I select and enter the mesh network credentials. Then my phone goes to the page titled “Your Xenon is joining the mesh network”. It successfully requests permission from the assisting device to add xenon, but it fails on the “adding xenon to mesh network” stage and gives an error “Sending Bluetooth messages failed. Please try again.” After I click “ok”, the xenon is left in a rapid light blue blinking state, and after a restart, it does the same.

I have repeated the pairing process multiple times and it fails in the same place. I have attempted to use my iPad to set it up but it still fails. I eventually reset my Argon and my Xenon through the CLI and USB, but I am still getting the same errors. The Argon is running V1.4.4 and I believe that when I used the CLI, I also updated the Xenon to V1.4.4 Is there anything I can do to help fix this? Thanks.

Hi @JudsonU - please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket and we’ll get you sorted!