Xenon Setup Failure (post rc26)

I was pretty happy that the rc26 release fixed my issues getting the Argon’s connected to my WLAN. Unfortunately, I was built up just to be brought down again. Seems that I now have issues getting Xenons to connect to the mesh network on the Argon.

  • Argon is breathing cyan.
  • Mesh network is showing as available in the Particle Console.
  • Xenon first-time setup successfully upgraded the device OS.

Using the Android App on Samsung Galaxy S8:
The Xenon is stuck in “Your Xenon is scanning for mesh networks to join”, led is flashing blue.

Anyone else having similar issues or have a way to get past this??

did it do an update before the scan? in my experience, just stop and restart the process after the update. the second time it does work

Does that screen list any available networks?
I’ve been fooled by the never-ending spinner too. If you have any network listed, just tap that and then proceede. The scanning will never end unless you do.
I’ve filed an issue about that already :wink:

No networks listed. The Argon and Xenon are sitting right next to each other as well.

Is there a way to tell if the Argon is actually broadcasting the mesh network (cli, etc)??

@Skip513, can we assume you had named a new mesh network when you configured the Argon? What name were you expecting to see under listed networks?

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This may have be user firmware related. I took a fresh Argon and created a new mesh network and was able to join a xenon to it. I’m going to reflash tinker to the Argon that has my custom firmware on it to see if it will connect to a Xenon after that. If it does I’ll reload my custom firmware and try to connect another xenon. Will report back with my findings.

Either way you slice it, this is still an issue.

It’s a possible issue. You may also want to “wipe” the mesh config from the misbehaving Argon by holding the SETUP button down, flicking RESET and holding SETUP for 10+ seconds. Then, redo the mobile app setup of the Argon to setup a new mesh network with it.

Hmm, but on who’s side?

There are literally countless ways user application can prevent the system from working.
In your original post I couldn’t see any reference to your own user application, so we guessed you were seeing mesh issues with a known-to-be-good application since most the time the debugging should start there and not be assumed in the system.

Sure the system can also contain bugs (as we clearly learned with rc.25) but without knowing what the application does it’s futile to search for the reason in the system.
So in case of erratic behaviour it’s always best to go back to a common base (e.g. Tinker) and retest before asserting system fault.

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(Original post where this quote came from was deleted by user just after this answer)

Are you sure it’s the previous screen and not the commissioner screen?
The commissioner screen would ask you to use another devices to commission the new device for the network the commissioner is already part of.
A commissioner can be another Xenon that’s already part of your mesh or the gateway itself.

Watch the video on that page closely and read the text at the bottom of the video!

Yes, I realized that I didn’t read the screen carefully enough. It might help if this screen didn’t look (at least at first glance) so much like the previous one.

The issue appears to be related to one of the following:

NCD4Relay relayController;

STARTUP(WiFi.selectAntenna(ANT_EXTERNAL)); *** Leaning towards this as I just noticed that the method is not listed in the Argon Reference docs.

Once I have it narrowed down I will report back.

The Argon only uses an external antenna so WiFi.selectAntenna() won’t work.

I’m surprised it compiled (using the web ide) with it in there. I just removed it and reflashed but now the argon is booting in to safe mode. So I still have more investigation to do…

In that case you may need to leave it alone (in Safe Mode) for a while as it might try to pull in a system update, which can take a while (600KB+) and will cause several reboots.