Bricked Photon? No status LED, only blue D7

Photon was functioning properly and running my code, but after powering photon on, the status LED no longer will light with any button press combinations. I only get the dimly lit D7 LED.

I attempted to get it into Safe Mode and DFU mode and no luck.

I would appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks in advance,

It sounds like your device in the “no firmware” state, which is very unusual for a Photon.

You can certainly recover it if you have JTAG programmer like the Photon programmer shield or the ST Micro ST-Link JTAG programmer/emulator.

Have you contacted Particle support? They might be able to help too.

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Thanks a lot for the response, Brian.

I don’t have a programmer, but maybe I’ll need to get one. Thank you.

No I haven’t contacted support, but I will try that now.

Thanks again,

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@thomas.dunn did you ever get this resolved? I’m currently experiencing the exact same issue.


I also have this issue. Any way around it?

Hey all! Sorry you’re having issues with this one. It would be super helpful to know the exact setup and steps each of you have taken that led up to this dim blue D7 issue.

Please try completely unplugging power from the Photon for few minutes and then holding SETUP as power is applied via USB. Does it enter DFU mode or is it still dim Blue D7? If dim blue and you do not have JTAG tools, please contact for further instructions. Also let them know what steps you have already tried and that you do not have JTAG tools. Thanks!

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