Photon D7 dim light

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Hi guys

2 of my photons won’t start up, they just show a dim blue light on pin D7. Researching on the web it appears to be that the photon is corrupted/fried, and this might be the case for one of them, because it was power up with a 9V battery before reading that the maximum input should be 5V.

The other one, just stopped working on the PCB and won’t start again, when power on, just shows dim blue light.

When pressing the setup and reset button together, on one, there ir is a spark on the status light but nothing happens. On the other one, nothing happens.

Anyone got a fix for them or are they just doom? Is there any way to assure they are broken?

device 1

Device 2

Thank you guys.

edit: The one with the spark on the status led, after a while plugged, tried again the reset+setup button and now it display magenta, but I can’t get it to flash any code or to appear on my laptops serial port.


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