Dead photon? Only the D7 blue LED is lit

Not sure what happened. I’ve read a bunch of other threads that they were able to bring them back to life (grounding D4-7, forcing it back into DFU mode). No luck so far.

Several of them mention some way of fixing this with a JTAG, but I don’t have the board for that.

Anyone know of any other things to try?

What happened prior to this dim blue led symptom?

Do you have another Photon?

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Wish I knew. I didn’t boot it for a couple weeks while waiting for some parts. I was surprised to not see it boot when hooking everything back up. Unfortunately, it’s the only one I have.

What happens if you hold on the MODE/SETUP button before powering on?

Same thing. Just the single dim D7 LED.

Not sure if @rickkas7 can help and see it this can be replaced?

You should create a support ticket at and include a link to this post.