Photon won't respond, D7 dim blue

Hi there,

My photon was working just fine and then suddenly stopped responding. D7 is lit dimly blue. It won’t respond to flashing, and it won’t enter DFU mode. I’ve tried wiring D7 to ground per advice given in a different thread, but nothing doing. D7 stays blue no matter whether the photon is connected to a battery pack or my PC. What do I do? Is my photon dead? Thanks in advance for your advice.

This essentially shorted the GPIO pin to round.

Can you try pressing on the SETUP button before powering it on and see it you can get it into DFU mode (blinking yellow)? Otherwise, something like a StlinkV2 JTAG programmer is required to try to reflash firmware.

You might be able to reflash with another Photon if you have a spare one on hand.

Keep pressing setup button for 10 seconds or so after release the reset button. Mine did something similar this weekend and yesterday I realised that it went into dfu mode after a while.

I could reflash tinker and everything went to normal. If not, you will need a jtag, programmer shield oreven another photon as kennethlimcp said.