Argon - Setup Wifi - Credentials Not Saving

I have a few Argons I am testing with. Out of the gates I have an issue.

They have the latest OS - hybrid-0.8.0-rc.27-argon.

They boot into setup mode as expected. Setting the wifi credentials either by terminal or using “particle serial wifi” works, but after reset the credentials are lost.

Do these new mesh devices work differently with respect to setting credentials?

Are these Argons being used as stand-alone devices or in a mesh network? Have you run through the mobile app setup at all or just the serial config process?

These will be used as stand alone.

Yes, I did the mesh setup and the settings remain after reset, but the app insists on installing a different OS every time so its not a apples-apples comparison.

I would not be using the mesh functionality or any of the app based setup procedures so I flashed these devices with the OS mentioned earlier according to the instructions. Should I be using a different OS?


Call it supersition but I’m always a bit reluctant to use the hybrid OS.
I like to do things step-by-step and hence I’d install the device OS as shown in this post
New Xenon, and Spectra Xenon stuck in Listening, no USB serial

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Understood, I’ll give it a shot.

That appears to have done it. Thanks. I’ll stay away form the hybrid OS. -AP

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I could imagine that the actual problem may have been an old NCP firmware or a bad/outdated bootloader - but who cares once things run again :wink:

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