Can't connect Argon to Hidden SSID with iOS app

I set up an Argon in my office and connected it to our WiFi. However, when I went to a client site and wanted to connect it to their hidden WiFi network, I was surprised to see there does not seem to be functionality in the iOS app to permit connecting to hidden networks. I don’t want to specify the WiFi credentials in the app, as I want to be able to use the same app at many sites. Am I missing the capability in the iOS app or does it simply lack that capability? This would seem like a huge oversight.

Still hoping someone from Particle or elsewhere will give me a response on this inquiry. Lacking the ability to join a hidden WiFi network, I’ll be forced to use a Boron instead of an Argon.

@ctmorrison, I am not aware of any solution to this though I believe @ScruffR did file an issue for this some time ago. The only way around is to use WiFi.setCredentials() with the full hidden AP details. You only need to run it once or whenever the stored credentials are wiped.

Thanks, @peekay123, for your response. I thought I had seen where @ScruffR had filed an issue for the Android app, but I didn’t recall mention of the iOS app and assumed they have a different code base.

This simply seems like a huge oversight for the app, but it must be reality. Entering the credentials in the app seems far from efficient, as it ties the app to that sites or a limited number (10?) of sites.