Argon "forgets" WiFi details after power down

I’m having a million issues with this Argon. I originally set it up using the Ethernet featherwing to the network and it was coming online/going offline over and over again. At least once per minute. So I unclaimed the device and wanted to start over.

I’m now trying to connect over WiFi. My iPhone won’t connect to it. It never lets it connect to the cloud. It always says “Unable to find your mesh device…” So I moved to Windows. particle serial wifi works to set up the WiFi. It restarts and connects. (After I do particle identify to get the ID. And particle device add ID to connect it to Particle online.)

Now tinker works. In Particle’s console the health check fails saying “1 diagnostic test has failed.” but the LED is cyan so I don’t know what it could be.

Now if I power cycle, hit the reset button, or try to program an app (blinky for instance), it just blinks blue. I can reprogram the WiFi again but it’s the same cycle over and over. What can I do to recover this device?

Since you cleared settings and set up using USB, you’re most likely going into listening mode (blinking dark blue) not because you don’t have Wi-Fi credentials, but because setup is not marked done. The mobile apps set this flag for you automatically, but particle serial wifi does not.

Just follow the instructions here to mark setup done and you should not go into blinking dark blue on restart.

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Thank you, that worked! Can the CLI be updated to do that automatically? I looked through the code but I didn’t understand it enough to make a PR myself. I could submit an issue if you think it would be useful.