Argon Wifi Connection after unclaim and attempt tore-claim

My argon stop connecting to Wifi and I did the following:

  1. Uncliam device
  2. ReAdd device from Particle app via QR code
  3. Device blinking blue but but keeps looking for Wifi network. Saying Argon is scanning for wifi network but nothing showed up and timed out. I checked Argon Wifi on computer but noting showed up either.
  4. Put in the DFU mode and did factory reset. re-flash the firmware and tinker.
    particle flash --usb tinker-0.8.0-rc.27-argon.bin

And tried adding the Argon via Particle add but still same issue. Any pointers are appreciated.


I also tried to setup the argon via USB.

configured wifi credentials via particle serial wifi. Device reset and blinking rapid green. Never get the breathing Cyan.

Device never connects to the cloud. Also did particle serial inspect. Everything passed.

If you never get past rapid green, it means you never established a wifi connection so getting to rapid or breathing cyan will never happen. Make sure you’re connecting to 2.4ghz, if both bands are broadcasting, make sure they are named differently.

thanks for the reply. Yes, I tired that. Still no cigar.

Strange thing is Argon wont find the Wifi network via Particle mobile app either or Argon wifi is coming up or blinking blue mode either.

Is there any other things I can reset or check wifi status via serial command. As stated before when I send wifi credential via particle serial it succeeded but upon reboot the device never passed blinking green.

The argon isn’t like the photon, it doesn’t actually search anything. Your phone searches available SSIDs and transmits the information through the Bluetooth connection. Basically if you’re not coming up with any available wifi connections, its probably on your phone side. Make sure wifi is turned on on your phone and check the SSID on there.

Hi, I sometimes get in trouble when this command reports success but “seems” like it did nothing.
I had much better success rates with this tool:

would you like to try it?

After that, I follow the steps lined up here:


particle identify
particle usb dfu
particle update
particle serial wifi
particle device add <device-id>
particle device rename <device-id> <name>
particle usb setup-done

Feel free to skip any command you deem not needed.

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