How to recover Argon (blue flash)

I had a perfectly functioning Argon before I flashed it with a new app that had to work away from the house (no WiFi). I added:
SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC) // let the app run even if no WiFi
to the top of the source file and hit the download button before realizing that I hadn't added any code to attempt to connect. So it ran the app great, but the LED is breathing white.
This was new territory for me, and I ended up using:
"particle flash --local tinker"
That seemed to work, but now the LED flashed blue. So I repeated the "flash --local" with a known-good firmware that was previously running on it but it still just flashes blue.
"particle usb list" returns "Argon_A1 [deviceID] (Argon, LISTENING)"

How do I get it connected back up to my WiFi?

If the device is blinking dark blue after flashing Tinker, you probably lost your Wi-Fi credentials, but it's not clear why from your description.

In any case, you can use the web-based configure Wi-Fi tool or particle serial wifi from the Particle CLI when connected by USB to your computer.

Thanks Rick - that got me back to sanity.

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