All devices offline

All of my 8 online devices have just gone offline - Particle status page reports all systems operational - anyone else?

Mine too, Photons and Electrons in the Southeast USA. Lost them shortly after 9:00 Central.

Same here, only I have several hundred on several different networks, all are down!

@Dave any ideas?


My photon is blinking cyan also. Happened a few minutes ago (maybe at 10:00AM EST). Went blinking cyan, then breathing again for a few seconds and now back in rapid blinking cyan. Been blinking for several minutes (20-ish).

And back to breathing cyan just now… 10:29AM EST.

One device back online now - but the only device which has come back online is the one I’m physically sat next to and which I was able to reset with my finger!

It’s a shame status pages never seem to work when they’re needed. Are they not automated? Do they rely on an engineer flicking a switch to say: “we have a problem” ?

I never touched mine… just came back naturally.

Even when my Photons in my office resume Breathing Cyan, no publishes are making it out, and remote functions are not available.

I’m wondering if there has been a problem all day - because one of my devices, which has been pretty solid (as these things go) for about a year, went offline a few hours ago and hasn’t come back online…

Same issue here. SC USA.

I can see that the devices are “breathing cyan” but I cannot ping them or call remote commands. My devices are installed all over the country.

And back to rapid blinking cyan. Seems like the cloud is on a merry-go-round at the moment.

The problem is being investigated. The status page is not generated automatically based on our internal alerts; it’s manually updated by a human.


Status page still shows all systems operational?

Same issue here in the UK, been off for about 45mins

Same issue, since 30min or so.

Platform status says it’s fully operational…

Also in Canada … long waiting time

Can we get a status updated, either here or on the status page, I have a lot of customers wanting to know when they will be able to talk to their devices again.

Could you provide status please?

All devices are down here as well (Colombia) - breathing cyan as if they were connected. If you physically reset a device, the console shows the timestamp for the last handshake, but nothing is published.