Error : Device is offline

I’m new to Particle so please bear with this Newbie.
I’m installing the Internet Button and have managed to get everything installed, except that when I try to select my device it shows a red button and tells me that the device is offline ? How do I put it online ?

Did you power the Internet button and is the Photon breathing cyan?

The Photon is powered and breathing a blinking blue. I thought that it was supposed to be in the listening mode ?

That’s correct. Are you using a mobile app to setup WiFi credentials?

It should be breathing cyan after you send in WiFi credentials and successfully connected to the :cloud:.

If your computer has a builtin WiFi adapter, you can also use to setup and claim your device.


Huh?? :confused:

When you are communicating with this community, you may need to adopt the "local vocabulary"
breathing is a steady in/out fading of the color
blinking is a sudden on/off switching of the color
blue is a dark blue produced by only switching on the blue sub LED of the on-board RGB LED
cyan is a combination of the blue and the green sub LEDs

If your device is not breathing cyan, you need to get the device to connect to your WiFi first then connect to the Particle cloud, before you the cloud (and the sites dependent services) recognise your device as online.