LED breathing cyan and Photon not connecting to wifi

When I try to connect to Photon using Particle app, the LED is breathing cyan but cannot connect to wifi as in the following screen. It says this “If the LED is breathing cyan a server issue may have occurred - please contact support”. How can I resolve this problem? Please help. The wifi is with WPA2 encryption. Thanks.

Could out hold the SETUP button until it blinks blue quickly (10 seconds), then give the setup another try :o?

Tried that couple of times! Didn’t work :confused: Is it something to do with wifi?

Breathing cyan should indicate a working cloud connection. Is there any chance you’ve got the CLI installed, or are willing to do that if not?
If you’ve still got the box of the device, the DeviceID should be on there(?) if so, try going into the online IDE, go to devices, and click “add a new device” then enter the device ID there. Might work.

Yes, I installed particle-cli but it shows me this error when i try to find my device id using serial command or when I use “particle serial wifi” Do you know abything about this:

Where is the device id on the box? Is it “PH-160318-JC1A-3” - something like that?

Seems as though ‘serialport’ hasn’t been installed correctly, could you try running npm install -g serialport?
The ID should be something obvious such as “device ID:” but it’s been a while since I’ve handled one, so I could be mistaken on this…

@Moors7 Thank you so much for all your help uptil now! Turns out that the wifi I am trying to connect to is a local network which is not connected to internet! Any chance I can connect my photon to a local network? If so, is there any documentation for doing that?


Well, I’m pretty sure you can ‘just’ connect to the WiFi, but won’t be able to use any of the cloud functions. You’d then also want to use it in manual mode since you’d otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect.

How do I go about claiming my device in particle dev? I do know about System Modes and wifi.setCredentials() but I dont know how do I claim device and compile code in particle dev.

You wouldn’t since you don’t have any internet, so there’s nothing to claim it to. You’d have to load the binaries, and flash them locally.

Is there any documentation for doing that^^? Sorry I am pretty new to this!

You can claim your device to your account by using an internet connected WiFi once, claim the device, disconnect from that WiFi network and use the device wherever you want.
Next as long you have a computer that has internet access, you can use any way of your liking to build.
In order to flash you need physical access to the device via USB and then use CLI or dfu_util.

The respective instructions can be found in the docs
https://docs.particle.io/guide/tools-and-features/cli/electron/#flashing-over-serial-for-the-electron (also applies to Photon)

If you haven’t you might want to install a local toolchain or use the alpha stage local compiler

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