Photons keep disconnecting and reconnecting

We have about 10 photons in our college’s electronics lab. We love those guys, but recently they started disconnecting and reconnecting. From breathing cyan, to green and blue rapid blinking to breathing cyan. Over and over again.

We tried creating a separate network for them, to not use the school’s wifi network - and the problem persists.

Is there anyway we can debug it? A way to collect a local log to see what’s going on?

I would love to keep having our students use them but they’re complaining about unreliability.

Have you tried it in a simple home network?

not these specific devices, but others. They work well, but I want to understand why they don’t work in our school so we can resolve it for our students.

Maybe it has to do with the kind of network your school uses. I know that in some business network they don’t work.

I’m going to ask @Moors7 Do you know what kind of network does particle not work with?

I’m adamant on getting a workaround / solution for this. I understand there might be limits, but I’m hoping Particle will help me debug this and find the exact reason why this is happening so we can resolve it.

I’m not going to take the “sometimes doesn’t work with enterprise networks” answer from Particle. Let’s find a solution / workaround together.

@kennethlimcp Could you help @zomerfeld he has 10 photons in his college’s electronics lab and they are having issue with connections stability.

Does it happen with only one Photon powered up?

Can you set this up to give more insight? Wi-Fi Connectivity Monitor

Yes, thank you Kenneth! I’ll set it up this week.
How long do you need this to run to be helpful?

As long as you start seeing useful trend! No harm running it longer :slight_smile:

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Just a quick check:

  • What code are you running?
  • What system versions have you got on your devices?

If you have blocking code, this might be the result too (on older firmware versions - newer ones would respond with breathing green instead)

Is this really blue blinking and not cyan?

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@Jean-Pierre, 5GHz networks, WPA Enterprise and captive portals won’t work. With some firmware versions 2.4GHz networks with channel > 11 won’t work either.