Wi-Fi Connectivity Monitor


The idea is that sometimes you might have Wi-Fi connectivity issues that you are trying to debug. You can see that the Photon occasionally starts blinking cyan or green before going back to breathing cyan, but what’s going on? How often is it doing it?

This program logs a bunch of data and saves it in retained memory (preserved across reboots) and uploads it using events when there is a cloud connection. One handy thing you can do is store the events into a Google spreadsheet, described in the link below.

The program:

  • Lists available Wi-Fi networks, including their SSID, channel, and RSSI (signal strength)
  • Lists the currently configured Wi-Fi networks
  • Logs when the cloud connection goes up or down
  • Logs when the Wi-Fi connection goes up or down
  • Logs when the RSSI changes by more than ±10
  • When there is no cloud but there is Wi-Fi, pings the Google DNS ( and does a DNS lookup of api.particle.io to see if there’s external connectivity

Of course you can edit the program to log whatever data you want. I’m not sure how useful this will be, but this is the first shot at it, guessing what might be useful to log.

Photons keep disconnecting and reconnecting

I’ve seen postings that people are not sure if there WIFI is being spotty so this is great thanks @rickkas7!


Thanks @rickkas7! This is useful as i have intermittent disconnection on campus. However, is there some way we can investigate deeper what’s the reason for that?


I was kind of hoping the tool would show some sort of pattern which would indicate what we should check for next, which would eventually lead to a solution. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.



Working with the pattern as an example latency, jitter or broadcasting … currently I am working with another project. Hope to update here soon as soon as I finished. :smile:


Is this code still relevant with firmware 0.7.0 ?

I am having issues with WiFi and/or Cloud connection not re-establishing after the WiFi AP is rebooted or hiccup in the internet connection… Laptop, and POS systems all recover, but my Photon will blink green or Cyan without actually making a connection all the way to the cloud…

Don C


You might consider downgrading to 0.6.3 or upgrading to 0.8.x. There’s identified issues in the 0.7.0 library that might be exacerbating what you’re experiencing.