Photon constantly dropping wifi connection

My Photon is able to connect to my home wifi. It connects, breathes cyan, and shows up in the particle console as online. However, it will very often drop the connection (start blinking cyan) and reconnect again. It does this so often that I have not been able to flash any code to it ! This problem just started happening a few days after I received my photon. Initially it was working, but now I can’t shake this issue. Please help!

So far I have tried updating the firmware via usb, moving next to my router to get a good signal strength, and resetting the public key. None of these have worked.

I’ve also tried everything on this troubleshooting page, and still, no luck.

@woziwoz What application are you running (could you post a part of it) and which device OS 0.8.0-RC.? I have seen low/fragmented memory or application thread blocking lead to disconnection problems. Also, have you downloaded the history from diagnostics? You may get some clues there whether it is a cloud or wifi network issue, like there is another wifi network interfering.

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As @armor said, to exclude your code as probable cause for the disconnects you should either flash some known to work code (e.g. Tinker) or put the device in Safe Mode and see whether the disconnects happen that way too.

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