Photon v0.6.3 won't stay connected to wifi

I received my photon about a week ago and it was working just fine. This weekend I setup LEDs and they connected just fine. I start up my photon today to mess with the OLED, but it refuses to stay connected to Wifi. I have tried reconnecting to 3 separate wifis, but all that happens is that it connects, breathes cyan, but one minute later it is back to breathing green. I have tried CLI, Zapi (I think that’s what its called), and “particle setup wifi” on Windows CMD but the result is the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@aacohen15, it may be your code! If you post it we can advise :grinning:

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I was simply trying to run the spi example from Adafruit_SSD1306 library (modified via other threads on the topic because I originally thought it was a code issue). When that didn’t work I moved on to trying the Servo from the beginners set up

However that wouldn’t work either. That’s when I noticed that the Photon wasn’t staying connected. I tried various methods to remedy but it just won’t stay connected. Here’s a screenshot from when I tried to connect via the app (from three different WiFi networks)

I got some breathing green recently also but it was my sensors connected via i2c being on a flaky breadboard causing i2c communication errors which caused the breathing green.

Fixed the connections and it connects to wifi reliably again. Be sure your connections are good.

First thing in such a case would be disconnecting any external circuitry and engage Safe Mode.

Sorry for taking so long to respond, trying to juggle work and school while figuring this out. I placed it in Safe Mode, then flashed it via Tinker (no code running on it or any circuitry hooked up). The Photon itself is breathing cyan, but the app shows a breathing magenta and says (when I click on it) "Device is being flashed, please wait for the flash process to end. It’s been like this for the past 2/3 mins

I unplugged the photon, plugged it back in, and now its working just fine. Thanks for tip on Safe Mode