Photon manual reset required when connecting to network... :(

My Photon connected without problems the first few times. After connecting to a few different networks, It now gets getting stuck every time I try connecting to a network during the “Connecting to network” step. If I do nothing, it timesout and fails. If I manually reset if while it is stuck, it connects and continues on just fine. I know this is a small annoyance, but it’s frustrating that my Photon is already sick, considering it was fine out of the box. I’ve already wiped the stored network info by holding the “SETUP” button for ~10 seconds until the light blinks blue rapidly. I’ve also tried safe mode. Neither of these have solved the issue. It seems like something is corrupted, so it would be really useful to do a factory reset, but the documentation says the Photon can’t do a factory reset and says to go into safe mode instead :confused:, which doesn’t solve the issue. Please help!

I also have the same issue with my Photon. I received it less than 2 weeks ago and setup was working fine for some time after the OTA update.

@JeffL Does your Photon stay/go back into Listening Mode after passing the credentials? I tried connecting through the App, Particle-CLI (WIndows), and through a Serial connection (Putty), and they seem to pass the credentials to the Photon successfully. However, after the Photon receives the credentials, the LED turns solid green (not blinking/breathing) for about 2 seconds, and then goes back to blinking blue as if it was back in Listening Mode. It stays there until I hit the Reset button, and then successfully connects to the cloud.

I also tried following the instructions for WiFi Network Reset ( but that doesn’t change the results.

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Just found this. Sounds similar to the problem I’m having, but might be related to your issue, too, @JeffL

Hey @Disa and @JeffL! Many fixes are coming in the pending firmware updates. I’ll check with the engineers to see if this is one of them.


@Disa, I believe we have exactly the same problem. My Photon is behaving exactly as you described. After getting the credentials, it turns solid green for about 2 seconds and then goes back into listening mode. Nice to know I’m not the only one experiencing this.

@christine, thanks for checking. Small inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but a smooth user experience will make users love the product even more!

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@JeffL After following the workaround suggested in the GitHub page linked to the thread I posted, my Photon is connecting correctly! Give it a try, while we wait for a future update.

@christine Thank you! As Jeff said, it would be nice to have it working smoothly again :smile:

This seems to be the same issue. Photon 0.4.4 Receives WiFi Credentials, But Doesn't Try to Connect

@Disa, I’m not sure how to implement that fix. It says to add that code to your application, but it’s my understanding that application code is not running when it’s in listening mode and trying to connect…

A fix is coming very soon in 0.4.5 - in the meantime, after giving your Photon credentials, please hit reset - that should help the device connect to the network.

Sorry about this - thanks for your patience.

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