No connect cloud

i have a photon. I really liked it but, i have a trouble. The photon connect wifi but, not connect cloud. I tried everything. I can not do factory reset and can not do wifi reset.
Thank you

Like what?

Not very surprising, since there is no factory reset on the photon. Reading the docs never hurts…

What did you try?

Also, what color is the LED? Did you get an error message during the setup process?
Long story short, we’ve got no information to go on, and unless you give us some it’s going to be hard to help. The more details, the better.

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I did not get error message during the setup process. Photon search wifi and connect wifi after that it is breathing cyan then it is breathing green. I saw Troubleshooting Modes(CLOUD NOT CONNECTED) in web site.
I am sorry for my english

In this case I’d suspect your code does call Particle.disconnect() or such at some point.
When it starts breathing cyan it has at least made it to the cloud once and if it’s carrying on breathing (even green) the connection never dropped but got disconnected “deliberately”.

As a way out you can try Safe Mode and see if it carries on breathing magenta, or if it falls back to green there too (I guess this is one thing that is not included in “everything”)

BTW: “Tried everything” never can be true in a finite period of time :wink: And if you really had, there wouldn’t be anything left to try, so noone could help anyway.

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What does it do in safe mode?

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