Never Ending Flashing Cyan

hi guys:
Does anyone have the Never-Ending-Flashing-Cyan issue? My Photon is flashing in Cyan forever. Sometime it may get to breathing Cyan but most of time don’t.

If you sometimes get breathing cyan then it doesn’t sound like a security keys issue. It could be an internet connection issue. Do you have any other Particle devices which behave differently?

Hi Mikelo, this is an issue thats now being discussed in multiple threads. Lots of people with the problem check:

security keys?? do you mean access token?

Thank you so much

I have couple of them, one is flashing in Cyan for ever, the other one some times breaths cyan, some times don’t.

Could you please update to the latest firmware and see if that resolves your issue. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am running firmware V0.6.0 and I am facing this issue. The photon connects to Internet upon a power cycle. It works fine for some hours and it enters a never ending flashing cyan trying to connect to the cloud. Upon a reset it again connects to the internet and everything works fine till it drops out of WiFi again.

I am managing the particle connection myself in void loop() function as below:

void loop(){
if( Particle.connected() ) {
//do tasks, publish events
} else {

How do I debug this?

You problem probably is that you keep calling Particle.connect() over and over during an already ongoing reconnect attempt from your previous visit to loop()

Try this in your reconnect branch

  else {
    if (!waitFor(Particle.connected, 30000)) {
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Thank you.