After Reset, Photon keeps flashing cyan forever

Hallo everyone,

I have this problem: after a 4 days unplugged I plugged my photon in my laptop and it blinks this way:

  • solid white (for 2 seconds)
  • blinking green (for 2-3 seconds)
  • Flashing light-blue FOREVER…

I tryed to reset, to reflash it with tinker app, but nothing happens.
When I try to re-initialize with my mobile app, I can find the wi-fi from photon, I can go ahead with the operation until the list of tasks (connecting to the wifi network “checked” and so on). But when everything is completed the only light on the photon is the damn flashing light-blue.

Anyone can help?
Thanks in advance!


Same here, my two photons do not connect to the cloud since 1h.


I got similar things.
My Core and Photon LED status when it resterted is,

solid white -> blinking green -> flashing cyan -> flashing red -> soid cyan -> (turn to first)

It has occured on all devices which I have.
Server trouble?

Seeing the same thing and have reported to :particle: Particle - it’s under investigation

If you all see the occasional red light between rapid cyan flashing, something seems to be up with the cloud keys.
On several of my test devices I see the same, but after a few minutes they come online.
Not satisfying, but at least a sign that the devices are OK.

Ok, now everything seems to be ok. Scary though…