Blinking cyan with Photon

I have two Photons and about 1-2 weeks ago one of them started to do the following:

After running flawlessly for some time (breathing cyan) it started blinking cyan and apparently wifi/cloud connection was broken as I could not send REST requests to it. After resetting the Photon it worked fine for some time and then the problem reappeared. Now 1-2 weeks later (few dozen or so resets) I tried my another Photon. After it cycled few times (firmware updates?) it started behaving exactly the same. Is this firmware issue? How can I debug this?

When you say blinking cyan, do you mean blinking rapidly as during the handshake portion of the cloud connection?

This issue may be related to this post and still under investigation afaik.

I think that it’s blinking bit slower than the handshake. Can’t verify atm because both of them are running ok so far after recent reset. Don’t think that System.sleep issue is related because my code on those Photons are pretty elementary (blink and web connected led).

Here’s a video demonstrating the issue:

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Interesting. So it breathes cyan and eventually starts blinking cyan?

Are you on system firmware V0.4.4?

I, and others, have experienced a similar situation @Rubyconna … later posts within threads here and here indicate observations which I believe are identical to yours. (All are running 0.4.4 … this does not resolve the sporadic disconnection issue you highlight).

I have not seen any definitive response from Particle confirming this is a known issue (if it indeed is), if it is expected behavior that needs to be addressed within application code, and/or if there are any recommendations to maintain a persistent cloud connection.

Thank you @ljd2 for pointing me to right threads. Maybe I should have used “flashing cyan” as a search term for better results. @kennethlimcp I’m not sure if I was running latest firmware. I tried to reflash earlier, but I was unable to do so even after reset (+ breathing cyan). For some reason issue resolved by itself today and I managed to reflash it and it’s been running smoothly so far (fingers crossed). I will continue to monitor the issue and original threads for further developments.

Just to mention I’ve experienced this issue, too.

It’s not the WiFi AP, because when I power cycle the AP, the connection doesn’t restore, but if I reset the Photon, it instantly connects to the cloud again and we’re breathing cyan.

Isn’t there some way for a built-in watchdog to take care of this? Firmware: 0.7.0