Photon Blinking Cyan, 3 Orange Blinks, Blinking Cyan, Loop

I have a Photon that will blink cyan for 5 seconds, then blink orange 3 times, then back to blinking cyan and will repeat this over and over. I have read other posts about this and they point to the particle keys or firmware upgrade. I haven’t changed anything to do with the particle keys and the firmware is 0.6.2.

I know that my issue has to do with either the wifi or the network/firewall, but I would like to know what direction to go.

I have the exact same setup (firmware & hardware) running on 50 other Photons without this issue.
If I try another Photon on this network I get the same cyan and 3 orange blink loop.
If I try these Photons on other networks they work just fine.

I have read the network requirements, however this is my customer’s network so I don’t know for sure and I would like to go to them and say you need to do this or check that, whatever that may be.

I was able to install on another Photon to help diagnose the problem.

@amillen, for completeness of this thread can you say what the problem turned out to be and how your fixed it?

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The problem was a captive portal was preventing the connection to the Spark Cloud. While I was told the captive portal was “disabled”, it wasn’t completely disabled as it would auto accept all connections. Once the captive portal was completely removed everything worked as expected.