Photon flashing rapidly green then rapidly cyan


I’ve been trying all the troubleshooting tips to get my photon working again. It flashes rapidly green then rapidly cyan then starts that cycle over again. No other colors are involved.

I’ve tried:

safe mode.
I’ve reset the wifi credentials.
I reloaded the firmware using the dfu-util (use this resource:
I tried resetting the public key using this resource:

Occasionally I can get it to breath cyan for a few minutes but I can’t get it to accept even a simple LED flashing sketch. Before long it goes back to flashing rapidly green and rapidly cyan. I’m not sure what else to try. I’ve been using this photon for months with no problems.
Thank you for any advice.

OK. I did get the device to work on another wifi network. Not sure why it didn’t work on my work network. It has worked many times in the past???

Might want to check if there’s new firewall rules applied to your corporate network…