Breathing Cyan then two orange blinks

I wanted to share a problem and solution I had.

My brand new Photon had been working on another WiFi network. I moved it to a different location, put in in blinking blue mode and used the iPhone program to give it the new WiFi credentials. It seemed to take them, but the iPhone program said the configuration was incomplete. A few reboots of the Photon later it was breathing cyan and showed up as OnLine in the console, and in the iPhone app.

However, after a minute or so the Photon would blink orange twice, then go back to rapid cyan flashing. The console showed it OffLine. Sometimes it would go back to breathing cyan itself, other times I would reset it and it would come online.

I put it back into blinking blue mode and tried to configure it from the iPhone app again, but the same result.

Eventually I put it in blinking blue mode and did particle setup
on my Mac Laptop. I gave the Photon the WiFi password again and this time it seems to be working without a problem.

I don’t know why this happened or why it corrected itself by using the CLI. Perhaps that had nothing to do with it?

I write this here for other lost souls to find.

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That is most likely the issue that has been mentioned multiple times before.

The typical way to solve this is:

* put device in DFU mode *
particle keys server
* check to see if your device works, if not, put it back in DFU mode *
particle keys doctor <yourDeviceID>

Since setting WiFi credentials worked the second time, I wonder if you have a dual band (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) router with the same SSID on both bands? There is some difference between the bands that is well known to sometimes confuse the Photon and it does not connect.
Could this be the case for you?

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Good idea, but only a single band WiFi here. I have four other Photons that I bought a year ago and they all work fine.

The two blinks were orange, not red; I’m sure of that.

Generating new keys might have been the solution, but since it is working now I’m not going to fool with it.

Hopefully this thread mentioning orange will help others to find your link to the blinking red article.

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