Offline, but blinking cyan

I just started working with a particle photon and I have been able to claim ownership of it on my iPhone, but in my list of devices it always shows up offline even though it is breathing cyan. In addition, it appears online when I look at its status on my computer; it just doesn’t seem to register on my iPhone. In addition, every once in a while it will show up as online on my iPhone for about two seconds, but then it will immediately go off again. I really only want to use this device to turn on and off different outputs remotely on my iPhone, so being able to write code on the computer does not help. I have tried reconnecting my iPhone to the photon, resetting it, turning the power off, everything I can think of, and nothing works. Has anyone dealt with this issue or have any advice as to what I can do to solve it?

Does it breathe cyan steadily or starts blinking once in a while?

It starts blinking once in a while

Try moving it close to the router and see that it is breathing cyan steadily. You should then see it online both on the mobile and computer.

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