Photon keeps blinking cyan with intermittent red blinks

I was experimenting with alternative power sources for my Photon when it suddenly stopped working. It would successfully flash sketches over USB, but when it started up it just blinked green for a second, then cyan and red. I have tried a number of various solutions including resetting Wi-Fi settings and updating keys over DFU to no avail. I fear my Photon may be fried from the voltage put through it, though my multimeter verified that it was 5V. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is what the blinking looks like right after reset:

Try being a bit more specific on colors next time. Blue and cyan have different meanings in the particle universe :wink:

If you try a search for ‘red/orange burst’ you should find quite a few topics matching hear issues. Alternatively, try searching for “keys doctor”, here and in the docs.

It seems that your keys got out of whack for some reason, and they’d need to be reset.

There are a number of ways to do that - some work, others don't :wink:
So how exactly did you update the keys via DFU?

Flashing a new key from here:

I lost count how often I have typed that out in this forum, so once more won’t kill me

Try this

* put device in DFU mode *
particle keys server
* check to see if your device works, if not, put it back in DFU mode *
particle keys doctor <yourDeviceID>

Mod Edit (@harrisonhjones): Added a bit more instructions to “try this”


Thank you very much, that seemed to do the trick!