Can't get new Photon to join WiFi network

I think I’m about out of Ideas here, so hopefully someone can help.

I’ve had a spark for a few months & after an initially tough time getting it setup (it needed a firmware update to support wpa2) I finally managed to get it workin. Then a few days ago I got a new Photon. I could not get it to connect to the wifi network (this is the same network that the spark will still connect to with no problems), it’s LED would always flash green after attempting setup.

So I went through and flashed it with the latest version (0.4.9), and went through setup again. Now it flashes green for a little bit & then flashes white very quickly and then 2-3 red/yellow (maybe orange), and then back to flashing white. I’ve tried this multiple times, every way I can think of, but it just sits & flashes white & then a couple of the red/yellow flashes. I have also tried the 0.4.6 firmware. I have tried using the iOS app to register the device, I’ve tried using a serial terminal to get it to join the wifi, and dthat results in the same quick white/occasional red/yellow lights.

What else can I try? Not sure why this device is so stubborn, when the spark is already on the wifi without issue.


Hi briankohles! I recently just had some weird problems getting my Photon to connect again and the only thing that worked for me was the solution I posted here. I was having rapid blinking lights changing to different colors which I think has something to do with the device keys, I think? I’m a newb still so sorry if my solution doesn’t help you. :~)

A more precise description of the colors would’ve been more helpful :wink: (e.g. similar to the OP’s description)

@briankohles, same here (as in the other thread)
Searching the forum for red burst or orange burst or red flash (which you used in your own post anyhow) could have come up with these :wink:

SOLVED -- Cannot connect Photon - blinking cyan with red flashes Photon setup flashing cyan with a "quick red burst" (now orange burst) [Solved]
[SOLVED]Photon fast blinking cyan (with a random red burst)
Blinks cyan or white for a minute or so then a burst of yellow

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Thanks. that did the trick.

Awesome! Glad it helped :~)