Photon Always Offline

Hello Community!

I just got my Photon and was setting it up and got stuck. The light breathes cyan for a bit, flashes cyan and does this in a loop until in the end, it flashes orange. Please help me set this up!
In my phone, once I am done setting it up, it’s always offline.

I’ll share a video of this as well.
The Lights On Photon

Hi @brainfreez3,

Hmm, that’s interesting! I think your keys are fine since the device does get online briefly. The three red blinks make me think it’s unable to hit the cloud for a short moment, so there might be an issue with the Wifi signal strength or internet connection in general. Are there blocked ports or something disconnecting sessions? What kind of Wifi setup do you have going?

edit: if you send me the device id, I can check the logs as well and check for issues on our end.