Xfinitywifi Login

How can we use the xfinitywifi network that now blankets entire cities? Connecting to the network is easy, but entering credentials seems to be problematic - login is via a web page as far as I can tell. Does anyone have a solution?


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The photon can not connect to WiFi networks that have captive portals like the Xfinity WiFi network.


So there’s NO workaround whatsoever? Is this an area of focus for development teams?

A possible workaround that worked for me on some captive portals that remember a device via its MAC address was to first connect to the network via a device (e.g. rooted Android phone) which allows for MAC spoofing to pretend to be the Photon, provide the creds and then switch on the Photon in place of the “hook-up-helper” device.
Not elegant, but works for my setup.