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I am not sure if anyone knows a resolution to this. I have a core I need to connect to a hotel WIFI system. I can see the system trying to connect but I realised when connecting my phone that the connection in the hotel requires acceptance of terms and conditions on a web site before the internet connection is established. Is there anyway the core can do this?
I have a work around by using a pocket WIFI router but would love to be able to connect to the local WIFI in the hotel.

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That is what’s known as a ‘captive portal’, which the Particle devices unfortunately cannot handle easily. A personal hotspot might be easiest at this point.

Its been asked a few times in the past, and there is no easy way to do it besides plugging in your own router.

Im in the process of setting up a router with a vpn tunnel to bypass blocked ports on a network. and i want to make the switch on the router change between vpn and non vpn, so i can accept the terms and then connect the vpn in seamlessly afterwards

Why couldn’t you just use http to post whatever is needed to accept the terms with the photon in manual or semi-automatic mode?

Because captive portals often are not HTTP but HTTPS and pulling that in, and creating the response isn’t that straight forward.
I had the same issue way back in time and ended up using my rooted Android phone with a shell script to spoof its MAC, so that I could register my Core’s MAC with the network and get access this way - even if you had to enter credentials or such stuff.
The other way round (rewriting the Core’s MAC to fit the phone) would also work, as long as you don’t need your phone and Core connected at the same time.
I’ve no idea, if the Photon’s MAC can be altered as easily too.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I think the easiest way is to set up my own router. I really appreciate you listening.

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It might possible to design something where you connect the core to the hotels network. Then you have the core present the same pages to your smartphone which it sees. Then when you click it relays those clicks back to the hotel.

In the same vein as this topic :

Although it would be quite a bit of work, probably only worthwhile for an actual product.

If the hotel uses mac addresses and you could try spoofing the mac of the core with your router, accepting it and then it may start accepting the core once you change the router mac address back to its original.