WiFi configuration for someone elses Core/Photon

It seems that it may be possible for someone who is not the owner (not claimed by them) of a Core/Photon to add the WiFi configuration to a Core/Photon without becoming the owner.

I never realized this existed and I cant find anything else about it on the forums. Google search of course tells me all about particle physics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have tried this :

  1. Clear the WiFi details of a Core/Photon (mode button 10 secs)
  2. Check that its not online
  3. Create a new account on someone elses phone
  4. Put Photon into listening mode flashing blue (mode button for 3 secs)
  5. Run Spark Core app
  6. Lets connect your core
  7. No cores found

I have tried this on a Core & Photon. On a Phone which already has another Photon attached. On a Phone with no cores attached. On a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5 and an Asus Infinity.

I couldn't get it to work. @christine / @Dave can you confirm if this should work and if there are caveats or ways to make it work. Does it only work on IPhones ?

This would be a useful feature for me since I would send a Core with sensors to my friend if I can get this to work so he can use it and connect it but I can program it from afar.

Hi @Rockvole,

Good question! I’m a little confused so please tell me if I’m wrong, it sounds like we want to set Wifi credentials on a photon without claiming the photon, yeah?

The easiest way I know of doing that at the moment is using the CLI, or serial, essentially you can connect the photon to your computer in listening mode, and run:

particle setup wifi

This will run you through the Wifi setup without trying to claim the device. I’m not sure if the mobile app can do this, but maybe @ido can correct me :slight_smile:


The person I’m sending it to is not interested in doing that I tried getting him to do technical
things with the Core I gave him 2 years ago, but it looks like he lost interest. He did get
as far as installing the Spark App on his android and it worked.

He is interested in the readings from the sensors however :smile:


Good question! I'm a little confused so please tell me if I'm wrong, it sounds like we want to set Wifi credentials on a photon without claiming the photon, yeah?

Cool, so ideally we should be able to do this via the mobile app, maybe @ido can shed some light here?


Yep, we added this feature request to the mobile apps backlog:
Add ability to setup a device wifi without being logged in to Particle Cloud (no claiming).
for the app users it'll mean they'll soon find a "Skip" button in the login/signup screens and an alert view telling them that skipping the login process - they will be able to setup their device but not claim it.

btw it was initiated from this thread


Ok, thanks @ido and @Dave

@ido - do you plan to add this feature to Photons and Cores ?

@ido Has this been inclkuded in the app version? When I add that code in my SWIFT app, it doesn’t allow me to skip.

Hi @Dave, Was this ever completed ? Or are there other / new ways to achieve this ?

I’m not totally sure, I sent a message to @ido who can hopefully shed some light on it.


Yes this was completed few months ago.
Please have a look here to learn to achieve it in your app using the iOS Device Setup SDK.

I was hoping the feature would be added to the standard particle app so that I can add a new WiFi hotspot to the Photon without having to build my own app - is that possible ?

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