Can I use SparkSetup to change wifi credentials

I’ve got an IOS app working, can claim and connect a photon to my network, run the app get variables from the photon, etc.
I’d like to have the setup so that I can skip the claiming (and renaming) of the photon, I just want to give it wifi credentials and go from there. Is there an easy way to do this? I’ll be taking the photon to various places and using it on the local wifi.

Yes you can! :smile:
We recently added this feature to the device setup-iOS library, have a look here:

Sweet, thanks


Were you able to send credential to a device without claiming it?
Actual, i’m creating my iOS app and I want the user to be able to connect the device to is wifi network then logging with a user name and password I will be providing him.

So I just want the user to connect the device to the internet using his network.


I did manage to send the credentials, but the device was already claimed to my account.


What I need to do on my application, is not to connect to the device, but to setup the device on the customer wifi network.
Once the device is connected to the network then I will provide him with the credentials of the device and it will do the expected job.

But first, I need to connect the device to the local wifi network! This is what I need help with!
I want my application to send the wifi SSID and password to the photon.

You should be able to use the app, just stop after the credentials setup and reset the device.
But there’s also no harm in “double claiming” your device to the same account - actually it won’t do anything.

But a more elegant way would be adding the SoftAP HTTP page shown in the docs.

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