IOS App setup core photon

So I have an app that takes a analog measurement of a fsr, and now I am trying to set up the wifi just like I normally do through particle. I keep running into issues while using the device in ios simulator mode. What happens is I can’t switch wifi credentials on simulator mode.

My solution attempt would be to skip authentication through login by using the github

(I don’t know how to get the example to work, specifically)

Another solution would be to just say Arduino Way.

You cannot invoke device setup library in the simulator (that’s because it requires WiFi network switching) - it must run on a real device. Just connect your iphone to the mac while developing and debug on real device if you need device setup functionality.

Yes, I realize that. Thank you very much. I wonder if Android has the problem with simulator, and wifi capability. Would you know?

Yes, same thing on Android - run on real device, also much faster…