Deploying To Real Customers (Wifi Setup using Mobile App) Issue

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RE: Wifi Setup using Mobile App (IOS)

I have started a new thread as the last one was getting confused with the web option to setup Wifi credentials (which is a great idea, but with no delivery date as yet).

The mobile app requires the current user to register the device with Particle. This is not practical when looking to use the Particle device in consumer products.

This is a typical use case for anyone wanting to sell a Particle based product to customers:

  1. The company claims the device.
  2. The company sets up wifi, uploads custom firmware and tests.
  3. The device is sent out to a customer.
  4. The customer registers or logins to the company (used to link the customer to this device) and sets up the device wifi credentials using a mobile app, without having to claim the device.

This has to support devices that are packaged with no user access to reset buttons, etc.

I have confirmed that currently there isn’t a way to support this fundamental process. Until this is in place, I am sitting on product that I cannot use and my project is stalled.

I appreciate a lot of effort is going into the splitting up of the current process. However, what would be particularly helpful would be some firm delivery dates for the revised IOS libs to support this real world use of Particle deployment.

Thank you

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Apparently, that should be integrated in the iOS SDK already, with Android coming up shortly. I’d also recommend that you sign up for the Dashboard organization beta, since that should have some neat features that might be beneficial to you as a product creator.

That is great news - I must have missed this post. I have registered for early access to the organisation - it will fit neatly with what we want to do.

Thank you.

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Also, some of these issues are discussed in our brand new (just deployed) guide: “How to build a product on Particle”! Check it out!

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Actually @moors7, this is not quite right @ido has confirmed that the decoupling of authentication from wifi set up in the IOS app will not be available until the end of the current spring (2 weeks), but now I have a date, which is what I needed to know.

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A quick read through the documentation - a very welcome addition with a lot of useful information. It shows the breadth and depth of the particle service. Again, it would be good to have sight of the product roadmap with indicative dates so we can plan projects around the deliveries.

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(off topic) @kevin glad to see that it not just me who is after a roadmap!

Refer to my post re the (unfulfilled) wish:

Perhaps post your thoughts on that topic to that post.