My customer changed Wifi credential, how I can give him access to Particle app to claim again and set new Wifi without give a full Particle account?


Hi folks,

One of my customers changed for a security reason the WiFi crendtial SSID and password and our Argon not responding ( normal ). Because my customer lives far to me and I’ll not drive to set new Wifi credential, what’s the solution to be able to help him by using the Particle app to setup Wifi without give our full account credential ?


You’d usually implement some code for that - not so unexpected - scenario :wink:

But to track back a bit first: You shouldn’t confuse setting the WiFi credentials with claiming the device - just as much as losing WiFi connection doesn’t mean the device got unclaimed.

Providing your product features a USB connection, the simplest solution would be to have the customer put the device in Listening Mode, connect via USB and any serial terminal program, let him send w to the device and follow the screen instructions.


Assuming they have the ability to put the device into listening mode and have an iPhone, they can use the iOS version of the Particle App to set WiFi credentials without having to sign into an account. Not sure why this isn’t in the Android version.

I’ve only tried this with Photons/P1s but I’d assume it would work for the Argons as well.


I may have missed it - but is there an example app for smartphones (and code for argon) that will allow BLE to be used to setup /change wifi settings - it seems that this will a be a major need for the argon if it is to be effectively productised ?