Configuring via command line

Hi there - I’m trying to configure my Argon via the command line, specifically, to change the WiFi credentials that it’s using. However, using the command particle setup simply gives me two PROTIPS, and then exits to the prompt.

Is there a way to change the WiFi credentials other than going through the entire process on the Android phone? That’s a painful process, that is buggy and takes way too long.


Have a look at the CLI documentation. There is a section on particle serial wifi.


Yes, particle serial wifi is what you should use.

However: If you have a factory new Argon you must go through the mobile set up once. The reason is that you can’t easily upgrade the NCP (network coprocessor, the ESP32) firmware from USB serial, and that needs to be done once in order to install 0.8.0-rc.25 or later. It’s done by BLE during mobile setup.


Thank you, I was using the wrong command. I was using particle setup --wifi, and should be using particle serial wifi as you’ve indicated.