Update wifi network on P2

I am a hobbiest and not a developer and am trying to find a way to have my family to be able to change wifi credentials when needed on the P2. Everything I have looked from the docs appear to wipe out everything and start over. I don't want them to have to use particle CLI and that adds problems having to install it. The softapp worked great for previous generations of devices that they are using. Having them program them by usb isn't a problem as I can walk them thru it. If anyone could give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it.

@jstobaugh If it's for a hobby and for family members, I think the easiest/no work solution would be to use the Particle Configure WiFi web based tool: Configure Wi-Fi | Tools | Particle

This tool can be used to set up Wi-Fi for Argon, P2, and Photon 2 devices connected by USB. It will only set Wi-Fi credentials and does not affect claiming or product membership and does not flash any firmware to the device.

It can only be used in Chrome, Edge, or Opera browsers on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebook. It cannot be used on phones or tablets, and cannot be used with Safari or Firefox.

Other options are listed here:


Thanks for the reply that will work perfectly. Interesting in searching in the docs I could never find it. If I put configure wifi in the search it doesn't show up.


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