Changing wifi network on Photon 2


I have a number of Photon 2s that I am sending out to a customer. I have set up the Photon 2s with a particular network but I need to be able to change the Wifi network it connects to in a handful of instances. The (original) Photon went into a listen mode after pressing and holding the Setup/Mode button for a few seconds and then the Wifi network could be changed using the App. The Photon 2 "seems" to go into a listening mode (dark blue LED flashes) after pressing and holding the Mode button, but it doesn't create a wifi network to connect your phone to, like the Photon did. Any pointers?



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You cannot change the Wi-Fi network credentials using the Particle mobile app on the Photon 2.

Developers will typically use or the Particle CLI.

Product creators at scale will use on the of the Wi-Fi setup options, typically a custom mobile app.

To only add Wi-Fi credentials without affecting claiming or requiring a custom app, you can use a computer with the device connected by USB and Configure Wi-Fi or the Particle CLI.


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