Photon changing wi-fi credentials

Please can you tell me how to change my Photon Wi-Fi credentials?

My photon is currently flashing blue (I pressed the button for three seconds to set listening mode), but it is listed as OFFLINE in the particle phone app. How do I use the phone app to add new Wi-Fi credentials?

With the device in listening mode it is waiting for you to send new WiFi credentials. You need to use one of the mobile apps to setup the device. Alternately you can look over the Connecting over USB section of the docs.

I am using the mobile app “Particle”, but it does not have a section that allows me to add new credentials. Can you please explain how to do this with the Particle app?

Click the “+”, then “setup a Photon” and then follow the on-screen prompts

If it was working before you did that, simply press reset. If you held it for >10 seconds, all credentials will be erased, and you’ll have to add them again.

Got it. (I was confused, because the app still lists it as offline, but it can send data on the new network, so I guess it works)…

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