How to change WiFi network on a product

I am developing a product that is based on the Photon. I need to figure out an user friendly way to support consumers when they decide to change their WiFi network name or password. I have seen ideas here that are suitable for developers.

The solution I am looking for can rely on a smartphone but cannot require connecting USB to a laptop (the product will not even have an USB port). Ideally, this should be accomplished without having to press a reset or setup button but we could start requiring to press a button.

Thank you.

There’s the mobile apps as well as the new page which could be used. Having it enter listening mode is entirely up to you and can be handled in multiple ways.

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News to me. Is there anyplace with more info about it?

I’m assuming it can be customized to match peoples product?

Moors7, I tried the apps and visited the site you mentioned. None of them seem suitable for a product designed for non technical users. Hopefully, there is another way or I misunderstood you. Thank you, Romulo

@rpontual - I may be missing what you want, but this link might help. @peekay123 wrote some pretty slick code that’s been very helpful.


Thanks for posting that link :slight_smile:

I went digging for it to share here but couldn’t find it cause I couldn’t remember what the thread title was.

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This is pretty much the same code as here

@rpontual, if you want to trigger this with a button press in your own project, just add somethingl ike this

  if (yourButtonPressed) WiFi.listen();