Current best practice for client setting embedded Photon Wifi credentials w/o app?

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So - we have an embedded product shipping to non and semi-technical customers. We’d very much like to avoid requiring use of an app to change Wifi credentials. e.g. someone’s mom or dad gets the product, and they use a flip phone. Or product goes to a market where smartphones are rare. What then?

I saw from this thread: Webpages on Photon / SoftAP and the excellent work of @mebrunet that via modified firmware the Photon can display a simple SoftAP webpage to show available networks, and lets the client select one. Perfect!

I saw a note from @ido saying that “Yep, we added this feature request to the mobile apps backlog”.

So my questions are

  1. any progress on this feature? Seems pretty ‘core’ (Ha! Oh man that was terrible. Sorry…) to creating sleek deployments.
  2. if NO progress on this - are there any known issues with using @mebrunet 's method on the latest firmware as of 2/7/16? e.g. does it break anything…

Thanks very much for your replies, everyone. We’re getting close to shipping a batch of 1st generation devices to… actual customers… so we’re trying to get ahead of the ‘arbitrary wifi network’ problem.

You’d then still need something to connect to that and to be able to show that page. A mobile device or a wireless enabled computer would work for that. To that end, you should be able to use the SoftAP setup page that has been made by the community for the time being. You can find it over here, and the topic with more info over here. An official version is on the radar for Particle, but has to wait until the Electron is out.

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@Moors7 Very elegant web-based solution.

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Much appreciated!

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