Best practice for having a client set WiFi credentials without App

I’ve read through a few posts on setting WiFi credentials without the aid of the app such as this and this. These posts are both a bit old and convoluted and was wondering if there is an up-to-date recommendation?

The goal is to allow non-technical folks to change the WiFi credentials and (maybe) claim the device without needed to download an app. Is there a way to do this using just a website?

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The WiFi credentials is easiest done via SoftAP, but the the claiming is a bit more involved.
Two easy ways to do that without any app to download are claiming via Web IDE and/or via

Ahh okay. Thanks @ScruffR. So as long as I have pre-set the ID to belong to a product, I can just direct them to to get started? And then once they’ve been setup, they can change WiFi credentials as needed using the SoftAP method? Do you have a good reference for how to use SoftAP to change credentials?

The complete example in the docs does show how to include SoftAP in your code and the use is pretty straight forward:

  • put device in Listening Mode (blinking blue)
  • connect your computer or mobile device via WiFi to the exposed Photon AP (SSID can be customised)
  • navigate to
  • the site should be self explanatory

Ahh okay. Do you have a link by any chance? I looked and couldn’t locate that example in the docs.


This link is out of date. Is this document available any more?

I’m having a hard time piecing together how a product is sold to a customer (end user), and the network credentials are entered, the device is claimed, and it’s programmed.

I envision / would implement a web app with database, and use the Particle cloud.

which link is out of date?

Are you looking for the SoftAP HTTP example?

Thank you - that works for now. (It was the “Complete Example” that I was looking for)