Wifi change app

From various threads on this forum, I understand its possible to make a app that allows a end user to change wifi settings without taking over the photon, correct ?

If so, has anyone made a bland/generic app we can use for this purpose?
It seems a bit redundant if every small project have to develop their own branded app for this feature.

Ideally the app would not require you to sign on to particle, since the end user most likely will not have an account here.

what do you mean with “app”? there are browserbased solutions in javascript as well as sdk’s for android and ios that help you to create such an app. it is also possible with .net languages like vb.net or c#

a search for “softap” in this forums should point you in all the right directions.

Its specifically the ability to update wifi settings I am looking for, for example when a user gets the device and needs to set it up to their own network.

If they use the regular particle app it will “verify ownership” at the end of this, I only want to update the wifi settings, not change owner etc.

with “what kind of app” i actually meant in what language or for which OS.

but to answer your question: it is possible to set up the wifi without the need to deal with a particle account or claiming the device. The easiest solution would be to use the js based softap solution:

which also works from mobile browsers.

just visit


and you’ll see what it’s about.

Oh sorry, I meant for android phones, I will take a look at the softAP

Okay that is pretty amazing, thanks :smile:

So if the user can live with having to switch wifi manually (which they have to anyway on ios) it can be done on a webpage, very nice.