What's the current "prescribed" way for an end-user to update their Photon WiFi credentials?

I’ve been reading threads for a couple of hours on this topic, but most/all of them are fairly old and many contain comments from Particle engineers about “future features” coming. So I wanted to see what the current situation is. My use-case is fairly simple (and similar/identical to several others mentioned in various threads): An end user (likely not very technically sophisticated) needs to move our Photon-based device from one location to another, or they just need to update their WiFi credentials, maybe because their WiFi router was changed. We can’t assume that we can communicate with the Photon before this happens (the location may have already changed and/or the “old” router may no longer be accessible). In our particular case (similar to others), our device does not have a “user interface” (LCD, keyboard, etc.) and we can’t assume that the end-user has any special equipment or cables. So, what steps does the end-user take at this point?

This change here schedule for firmware v0.5.0 release will allow you to customize the softAP page:

If you don’t require any change to the firmware side of things, you can use this library to create your own mobile app, web app:

One example of a web app designed using the softAP library is this: https://github.com/msolters/softap-setup-meteor

There must be some method designed (button maybe) to place the device in Listening mode to receive wifi credentials