Argon wifi-setup App?

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is there an (particle-) app (as simple as possible) that can be used to setup the Argon‘s WiFi when it is deployed to some distant location and the person that installs it doesn’t have the device claimed? I think of everything that has to be done is putting the Argon to listening-mode, start the app, select the Argon and a network, enter the WiFi-password, get some confirmation that everything works fine and that’s it.
Sadly I couldn’t find anything on the website or forum (except someone that mentions, that it’s “not as easy as you think” to setup WiFi through BLE).
If there’s nothing maybe that’s something for a to-do-list for the Argon since it would really simplify the process of deploying a device :thinking::thought_balloon::signal_strength:

Wouldn’t the Particle app work for this process?
Google Play Particle IOT
Apple App Store Particle IOT

If the device has not been claimed then the setup done bit needs to be set in the firmware are triggered from the Particle app to get out of listening mode.

A very good question.

One of the objectives of BLE on the Argon was to help make the WiFi setup process easier by using BLE and not softAP. The problem with softAP is that the device can’t give feedback through the web page as soon as it tries to connect itself to the selected AP. A simple BLE UART could support the WiFi setup process - from my view - the Mobile App is the more complicated bit. There isn’t a template Mobile App that I am aware of.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t currently supported by the Particle mobile apps. It’s something we def. want to add, but the work isn’t yet on our roadmap.

Is this coming soon? How do I have the end user connect an Argon to his existing WiFi right now?

It’s not yet on the roadmap, but that may change soon. I’ll try to post to this thread when we have an update to share.

Hi @jensck_particle, any updates on this? thanks!


@will Things have gone very quiet on WiFi with Gen3 including; WPA Enterprise support, BLE supported setup of WiFi credentials, etc. Now that Spectra is out of the way and the BSoM LTE Cat 1/Asset Tracker launched - could we see a bit of attention in this space please?


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